Al-Sadr did not call for any protests, source confirms


Shafaq News / A source close to al-Hannana, the headquarters of the Sadrist movement's leader Muqtada al-Sadr, confirmed that the powertul Shiite cleric did not issue any orders to organize demonstrations.

The source noted that some parties are spreading rumors aiming to shuffle the cards and provoke more conflicts in the country.

The source noted that the Sadrist movement is committed to al-Sadr's orders, and will never organize any event, whether it is a protest or any other activity, without direct orders from the Shiite cleric.

The source added that protests against corruption cannot be unleashed erratically, pointing out that if al-Sadr issues an order to organize demonstrations, millions of his followers will obey.

"Al-Sadr is currently in al-Hannana, following up on the latest political developments in the country", the source indicated.

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