Al-Kadhimi: some parties are pressuring me to release corrupt detainees


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, revealed that he was under pressure to release corrupt personnel. 

"The people, the religious authority, and the political blocs ask me to fight corruption," Al-Kadhimi said in a press conference.

Al-Kadhimi pointed out, "some people are spreading inaccurate information about torturing these detainees."

Regarding the elections, Al-Kadhimi said, "a meeting was held between the three presidencies, in the presence of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the High Electoral Commission, regarding conducting the elections."

He added that his government had drafted a bill to secure funding for holding the elections on the date set on June 6.

However, Regarding the strategic dialogue with the US, Al-Kadhimi said, "I went to Washington and agreed with the officials on the withdrawal of the forces from the military bases", and added that the strategic dialogue team continues its meetings to reach a final formula on the American withdrawal from Iraq.

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