Al-Kadhimi's government puts a "mysterious" treaty with China into action


Shafaq News/ The cabinet convened today, Tuesday,  headed by the Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, and issued a list of executive decisions, including implementing a treaty with China and allocating funds to purchase COVID-19 vaccines.

The spokesman of the cabinet, Hasan Nadhem, said in a press conference today, Tuesday, that PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi instructed the cabinet to scope the Iraqi-Chinese convention, indicating that the government envisages the open-door policy with the international community.

Nadhem added that the Council of Ministers voted upon a decision to purchase COVID-19 vaccines to curb the insurgent COVID-19 case counts. 

The government highlighted the Ministry of Commerce’s efforts to enhance and maintain the items of the ration card twice ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

The cabinet spokesman said that the government decided to develop al-Zubair and Majnoun oilfields to raise the Iraqi oil exports. 

Al-Kadhimi directed establishing a task-force to complete Iraq's preparations for "Khaliji 25" sports event that will take place in Iraq later this year. The Prime Minister deemed this championship as an important event that will help Iraq extend Outreaches to the world. 

Iraqi Shiite parties, especially those loyal to Iran, exerted pressure upon al-Kadhimi to put the treaty concluded by his predecessor, Adel Abdul Mahdi, with China into action, noting that the terms and clauses of this treaty are still undisclosed.

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