Al-Kadhimi might win a second term as PM, source says 


Shafaq News / A reliable political source said today that Mustafa al-Kadhimi is most likely to win a second term as Iraqi Prime Minister.

The largest Parliamentary bloc has the right to choose the new Prime Minister, the source said, noting that the recent meeting between al-Kadhimi and the head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, was held upon al-Kadhimi's request. 

The meeting, according to the source, discussed the political situation, ways to end the current crisis, and forming a responsible government following the largest bloc's government program.

If he pledges commitment to the largest bloc's program, al-Kadhimi might be chosen as Prime Minister for the second time, the source noted.

Yesterday, Mohammad Salih al-Iraqi, known as al-Sadr's minister, said the latter and al-Kadhimi held a closed meeting in al-Hannana, Najaf.

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