Al-Kadhimi and Salih offer greetings to the Workers of Iraq on their international day


Shafaq News/ Iraq's caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and outgoing President Barham Salih extended greetings to the Workers of Iraq on the International Workers' Day.

In a tweet he shared earlier today, Sunday, the President offered "a respect and appreciation salute to the builders of the homeland and loyal hands."

"The tremendous human power of our people is a true treasure that never dries up. It is the purpose and center of development," he added.

The President called for reforming the economy, securing true job opportunities in all the sectors, and diversifying national income sources.

Prime Minister al-Kadhimi tweeted, "on the first of May, we salute the working power of Iraq; its men and women who refused to cease giving a generation after the other. On the International Workers' Day, we energize the drive to continue the battle of construction. Our Iraq is built by consciousness, and arms who believe in it. We will spare no effort to build it."

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