Al-Hashemi’s killer belongs to “an outlaw group”

Al-Hashemi’s killer belongs to “an outlaw group”

Shafaq News/ The man, who is accused of killing the high-profile analyst and government advisor, Hashem al-Hashemi, listed on Friday evening, details of the assassination operation.

According to the state-owned Al-Iraqiya channel, the killer is "Ahmed Hamidawi Owaid Maarij al-Kinani", a lieutenant in the Ministry of Interior, who joined the police force in 2007. He belongs to an "outlaw group.” 

Al-Kinani told details of the assassination operation, since his meeting with his accomplices in the Al Buaitha area, until heading with two motorbikes and a car to the crime scene in front of Al-Hashemi's house.

He confessed that he fired several shots at Al-Hashemi with his state-owned pistol.

The man did not mention the concerned party who asked him to carry out this task.

Earlier today, Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi announced that the Iraqi authorities have arrested the killers of Journalist Hisham Al-Hashemi

Al-Kadhimi said on Twitter, "We promised to capture Husham (Hisham) Alhashimi’s killers. We fulfilled that promise. We have arrested hundreds of criminals - murderers of innocent Iraqis like Ahmed Abdulsamad.” Adding that, “We don’t care about media spin: we carry out our duties in the service of our people & in pursuit of justice..."

In July 2020, the Iraqi analyst who was a leading expert on the Islamic State and other armed groups was shot dead in Baghdad.

Gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on Hisham al-Hashimi, 47, outside his home in the Zayouna area of Baghdad.

Al-Hashimi was a well-connected security analyst who appeared regularly on Iraqi television and whose expertise was sought out by government officials, journalists, and researchers.

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