Al-Halbousi's party warns of "political influence" on the elections in Diyala


Shafaq News/ Taqadum political party, led by Parliament Speaker Mohammad Al-Halbousi, expressed on Saturday fear of "political influences" on the governorate's electoral process, calling for securing the electoral campaigns.

A leader of the party, parliament member Nahida Al-Dayni, stated to Shafaq News Agency, "we demand the authorities in Diyala support of the candidates in every possible way without any prejudice and political influences."

She added that the competition in Diyala is quite exceptional compared to other governorates due to the diversity of its people, "authorities must deal professionally and fairly with everyone and allow them to connect with their proponents away from any influences or personal agendas."

The parliament member also highlighted the importance of adopting a security and social plan to ensure the success of the campaigns and the voting process.

Diyala is expected to witness edgy competitions over 14 parliamentary seats amongst Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds.

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