Al-Fatah Coalition: The US's heinous crime is unjustifiable

Al-Fatah Coalition: The US's heinous crime is unjustifiable

Shafaq News/ Al-Fatah Coalition Headed by Hadi Al-Ameri issued today its first official statement on the US strike that targeted pro-Iranian factions on the Iraqi-Syrian borders Thursday night.

The coalition said in a statement, "PMF forces on the Iraqi-Syrian borders were subjected to an attack by US forces. PMF was defending Iraq and its sovereignty against the worst terrorist groups known to man, and this heinous crime is unjustifiable."

The statement added, "Investigations on the latest attacks, in Erbil or the Green Zone, are not yet completed neither by Iraqi nor by Kurdish sides. This crime proves that America will not change whoever was the President."

It added, "The Iraqi government shall take all necessary actions to protect PMF from such vicious attacks, and condemn them fiercely. "

Al-Fatah continued saying, "We have no choices ahead to protect our PMF subjects' lives except with driving the US and its allies troops out of our country whose target deviated from combating terrorism to targeting PMF." 

"This is not the first crime they commit. This crime comes after tens of other crimes that killed hundreds of PMF members. The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall raise a case to the Security Council and call for ending the US mandate in Iraq, especially that they have no legal or constitutional coverage." The statement declared.

The statement hoped in the end that the Iraqi Judiciary will take all necessary steps to complain at the Security Council regarding this "vicious crime".

It also called all the national forces to "take a unified position to protect Iraqi lives as well as the sovereignty of Iraq, and to never bow down to the US lies that the crime happened in the Syrian lands." 

The statement called on security personnel, soldier, police officers, counter-terrorism forces, and Peshmerga forces, to preserve their unity and "never bow to the enemy's strife."

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