Al-Azm names two Parliament Speaker-designates

Al-Azm names two Parliament Speaker-designates

Shafaq News/ al-Azm (Determination) Coalition will name Khalid al-Obaidi and Mahmoud al-Mashhadani Parliament Speaker-designates amid support from the Shiite and Kurdish parties, a source from inside the bloc led by Khamis al-Khanjar said on Saturday.

"The political differences between the two leading Sunni blocs over the next Parliament Speaker are yet to be resolved in spite of the ongoing talks," the source told Shafaq News Agency, "al-Azm has two names in mind: Mahmoud al-Mashhadani and Khaled al-Obaidi, with the latter being more likely to assume the post."

"The Shiite and the Kurdish parties endorse al-Obaidi's designation," the source explained.

"The Sunni blocs will not reach an agreement on renewing the mandate of Mohammad al-Halboosi due to a political agreement that impedes the renewal for the three presidents and naming them to an executive position," he added.

A leading figure of al-Azm alliance, Issa al-Issawi, said last week that the meeting his bloc held with its Sunni nemesis, al-Takaddom, did not touch upon renewing the mandate of the Parliament Speaker of the outgoing Iraqi parliament, Mohammad al-Halboosi.

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, al-Issawi said, "the meeting of Takaddom and Azm leaderships did not discuss renewing the mandate of al-Halboosi on the helm of the Parliament or choosing another figure to the position."

"Media reports about a preliminary agreement between Azm and Takaddom on renewing for al-Halboosi are unfounded," he added, "after the ratification of the results by the Supreme Federal Court, the nominees for the position will be discussed."

It seems that the talks between the leaders of al-Azm, al-Khanjar, and al-Takaddom, al-Halboosi, were not sufficient to converge the views between the two leading Sunni blocs in the foreseeable future at least. Both al-Halboosi and al-Khanjar have their eyes set on the chair of the Parliament Speaker, with the latter approaching the former's tally of seats (37) with 34 after joining hands with the Masses (al-Jamaheer) bloc, Kirkuk's Arab alliance, Deciding Reform (Hasm al-Islah) Movement, and members of the National Contract (al-Aqd al-Watani) bloc.

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