Al-Araji discloses new details about the investigation into al-Kadhimi's assassination attempt


Shafaq News/ The investigation committee into the assassination attempt against Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said today that it has not charged anyone so far regarding the incident.

 The head of the committee, Qassem al-Araji, said in a press conference that the investigation committee has not yet accused a person or entity.

"The attack was carried out by two drones, one of which landed on the roof of Al-Kadhimi's house and the second in his courtyard," he said, noting "we determined the place they took off from."

 He added that one of the shells exploded while the other did not. Two bomb squads and forensic evidence teams were sent to the crime scene."

"The shell that did not explode was found on the roof of the prime minister's house on the second day," pointing that the way the attack was launched proves that it aimed to assassinate al-Kadhimi.

 Al-Araji added, "We were surprised that two anti-explosives and forensic detachments detonated the shells without collecting any fingerprints."

"Unfortunately, the bomb squads did not perform its duty properly," noting that Director General of bomb squads, Major General Sabah al-Shibli, said that the detachment had collected the fingerprints, but later on, he told the committee that he had detonated the shells without doing so. 

 Al-Araji pointed out that the investigation committee decided to imprison the members of the two detachments responsible for detonating the shells and transfer them to the Ministry of Interior, adding that the investigation will reach to find out the reasons behind not collecting fingerprints and detonating the projectile.

Al-Araji called, "the investigation committee asks anyone who has evidence about the incident to submit it."

 He pointed out that the investigation committee performs its duty without any pressure, and carries out its national duty.

 He added, "the investigation committee has not sought the assistance of any foreign party so far. It was possible to use help from friendly countries to uncover the truth."

He said, "It was proven to the investigation committee that the prime minister's house has four exits, and was evacuated to a safe place following the explosion."

"Five meters separated the first and second shells, and they targeted Al-Kadhimi's exit gate and his the place where he usually sits," adding, "We asked the Prime Minister's office to provide us with the names of his visitors for 10 days prior to the incident."

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