A new political formation in Kirkuk


Shafaq News / a political formation for the Shiite Arabs in Kirkuk Governorate is announced today Saturday.

Political parties and Ashaer in Kirkuk held the formation of the “Arab Coordinating Body” in Kirkuk as a representative of the Arab Shiite component, noting that this formation is authorized to negotiate with regard to power-sharing in the governorate and to demand all rights of that party in accordance with the laws and the constitution in a way that serves the national interest and ensures participation of all."

The spokesman for the Sadrist movement, a member of the Arab Coordinating Body, Muhammad al-Lami, called in a press conference held with a number of members of the Commission and attended by the correspondent of Shafaq News Agency, “all components and political forces in Kirkuk should unite, avoid differences, and follow the democratic process in a way that gives everyone a fair representation.

He added that the Body "is supporting any national project aimed at advancing the political process in the Kirkuk governorate, and with any national effort that seeks to stabilize and build it."

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