A new explosion in Diyala


Shafaq News / A security source said today, Wednesday, that 3 people were injured when an explosive device exploded north of Baqubah, the center of Diyala Governorate.

 The source told Shafaq News agency that "An explosive device exploded this morning, targeting a civilian car     AlBu Bakr village, on a road at the outskirts of Al-Azim district 60 km north of Baqubah, wounding two women and a man, and they were taken to hospital."

 The source added that "a group of anti-explosive units carried out a  campaign on the road in searching of other devices."

It’s noteworthy that Al-Azim district is witnessing continuous terrorist incidents and attacks due to its proximity to the borders of Saladin and the boycott of "Metebije", which is the largest stronghold of ISIS and terrorist organizations in the past  15 years.

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