A new Iranian-Saudi round of talks in Baghdad


Shafaq News / A former Iranian ambassador said that the second round of Saudi-Iranian talks will be held in the coming days, with a personal follow-up from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

The Iranian "Etimad Online" website quoted the ambassador (who preferred to remain anonymous) saying that the meeting will discuss Saudi allegations of Iran's support for the Houthis, the situation in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, as well as Bahrain and Riyadh's interference in the nuclear negotiations. 

On China's role in organizing the previous meeting between the two countries, the Iranian diplomat pointed out that China had no role in arranging the meetings.

According to media reports, a secret meeting was held at the beginning of the current month between security officials and diplomats from Riyadh and Tehran in Baghdad, noting that it was the first step of serious negotiations between the two countries.

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