A  forthcoming meeting of the Coordination Framework to reunify "the Shiite house"

A  forthcoming meeting of the Coordination Framework to reunify "the Shiite house"

Shafaq News/ A source revealed a forthcoming meeting of the Shiite Coordination Framework at the house of the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri to discuss the repercussions of the Federal Court's decision to suspend the work of the Presidency of Parliament temporarily.

The Source said that the Framework is expected to discuss during the meeting the mechanisms of reunifying "the Shiite house" and "reviving the bilateral committee meetings with the Sadrist bloc."

The Source added that "all proposals to restore the Shiite house are on the table for discussion, and the meeting may lead to outcomes that determine the form of the relationship with the Sadrist."

For his part, the representative of the state of law, Thaer Mukhif, told Shafaq News Agency, "We hope that the poles of the Framework will reach an understanding with the Sadrist bloc to form the unified Shiite bloc."

The Iraqi federal Supreme Court decided on Thursday to suspend the work of the Presidency Council after two complaints filed by independent MPs Bassem Khashan and Mahmoud Daoud Salman.

The Court decided to temporarily suspend the work of the elected Council until the two cases are resolved.

The independent deputy, Bassem Khashan, had contested the election of the Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives "for constitutional violations."

For his part, the leader in the Coordination Framework, Saad Al-Saadi, commented on the Court's decision, "The decision confirms what we said that the elections in the first parliamentary session are unconstitutional and illegal."

He added to our Agency, "the Federal Court may have a new decision in the coming days to cancel the election of the Presidency Council."

Al-Saadi stressed that the Court's decision is respected and binding for all parties.

Meanwhile, the legal expert, Muhammad Al-Saadi, explained to Shafaq News Agency the repercussions of this decision, "The work of the House of Representatives is currently suspended after the Court's order."

He added, "Parliament cannot hold any regular session, take any action, or elect the president of the republic until the issue is resolved."

Al-Saadi clarified that the suspension is not for a specific period, and "it may take a week, a month or even more."

Earlier this month, Iraq's new parliament has re-elected its speaker Mohamad Al-Halbousi for a second term, the first step towards forming a new government.

On Sunday, the first parliamentary session was marked by disarray, with the eldest member, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, being evacuated to the hospital after falling ill.

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