A delegation from the coordination framework to visit Erbil tomorrow


Shafaq News/ Shafaq News Agency learned from informed sources that a delegation from the coordination framework will go to Erbil tomorrow, to proceed with discussions to form the new government.

 The sources told Shafaq News Agency that a delegation headed by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the membership of representatives of the Shiite forces, will visit Erbil to agree with the KDP on the mechanisms of forming the government, and providing guarantees for the Kurdish forces. 

"The delegation's visit will coincide with the Federal Court session to decide on the results of the parliamentary elections and the appeals submitted by the objecting parties. This is a message of reassurance that things are going well", they added.

 The sources said that Al-Maliki will discuss with the KDP several files of mutual interest, the most important of which are the presence of the Peshmerga in Kirkuk and resolving the situation in Sinjar.

They noted that the framework delegation will stress the need to nominate a KDP candidate to succeed the current president of the republic, adding that if the KDP and Azm MPs join the coordination framework, a parliamentary majority will be born to form the new government.

 An informed source had revealed to Shafaq News Agency, on Monday, that a delegation from the Shiite coordination framework headed by Nuri al-Maliki, intends to visit the Kurdistan Region tomorrow, and will hold talks with the Kurdish political forces regarding the formation of the new Iraqi government.

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