5000 ISIS elements are regrouping in Iraq ,Kurdish warns


Shafaq News / Kurdish officials have warned that 5000 ISIS terrorist fighters are regrouping in an area not under the control of the Iraqi authorities, by using methods of intimidation, and hiding in caves and tunnels

According to a report published by The National on Tuesday, officials said that these gunmen were hiding in difficult-to-reach caves and smuggling tunnels networks near Makhmour town, an area once occupied by the organization in 2014, using terrifying tactics to coerce local villagers exploiting the bad treatment by the factions supported by Iran.

Lahore Talabani, Director of Information Security, one of the intelligence agencies in Iraqi Kurdistan, told The National newspaper, "The number of ISIS that we now believe are 4,000 or 5,000 fighters in these armed –gaps. This does not include sleeping cells in cities, where the numbers are high." .

The officials say the fighters are equipped with Kalashnikovs, suicide vests, sniper rifles and DShK heavy machine gun on the back of trucks, which helps them take control of villages and carry out surprise attacks.

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