3 ISIS dens destroyed in Diyala


Shafaq News / The Tribal Mobilization official in north-eastern Diyala said today, Tuesday, that 3 ISIS dens were destroyed in airstrikes.

Mahdi al-Khattab told Shafaq News agency, “The army and tribal mobilization forces launched a combing campaign today in the orchards of the Sheikh Baba basin (15 km north of Jalawla city), during which 3 ISIS dens were destroyed."

Furthermore, the statement added that a large ISIS hostel containing explosive devices and equipment was found in one of the orchards.

It is noteworthy that the areas north of Jalawla have been subjected to security turmoil for more than a year after the infiltration of ISIS terrorists fleeing from the liberated areas and governorates to the orchards and the farms.

Additionally, the northern areas of the district have suffered from security disturbances since the withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces in October 2017 from the border areas between Diyala and Kurdistan. 

Jalawla district is located 70 km northeast of Baquba and is inhabited by Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen. The district fell to ISIS gangs in August 2014 before it was freed in November of the same year.

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