11 protestors were wounded in Clashes with police in Babel


Shafaq News / 20 people were injured on Thursday in clashes between protesters and riot police in the city of Hella, Babel Governorate.

A source of the police said to Shafaq News Agency that riot police tried to disperse a protest in the city of Hella when clashes broke out and wounded 11 protesters and 9 security forces.

He added, "a hit-and-run situation between protesters and police took place.”

Last Monday, a source reported that the police dispersed by force a demonstration in front of the local government building.

The demonstrators were calling the dismissal of Governor Hassan Mandil.

Waves of mass demonstrations rocked in the governorates of Dhi Qar, Babel, Najaf, and Al-Diwaniyah for several days demanding the dismissal of the local governments, as well as finding the killers of the demonstrators to holding them accountable.

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