Demand on Gold decreases to more than 50% in the Kurdistan Region


Shafaq News / The Goldsmiths Syndicate in Kurdistan Region reported on Friday that gold buying and selling operations decreased to nearly 50% -60% compared to the past three years due to the financial crisis and the problem of delay and deduction of salaries.

According to the Syndicate's latest statistics, yesterday, gold prices increased by about 7,000 dinars for a mithqal of-carates, reaching 402,000 dinars, at a time when the price of one mithqal on the 25th of May was 395,000 dinars.

Likewise, the price of one mithqal of 18-carats reached 342 thousand dinars, while the price of one weight of 24 carats reached 454 thousand dinars.

In its statement, the Syndicate called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to buy gold, and deal with the situation, so that merchants do not resort to foreign sources to buy it

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